From Imagining Church

We are Imagining Church. We are imagining what God could do, what our church could be, and who we could become if we will wholeheartedly learn about God from the Bible, be what He says a church should be, and strive to become more like Jesus and less like ourselves. So, we are imagining what that looks like and have committed to doing what it takes to turn our "imaginings" into reality. 

We believe serving God is why we exist. We believe the people He loves are important. So, we do everything we can to serve God and people well- but for the right reasons with humility. We aren't trying to sell Christianity to a reluctant world, relying on hype, at the expense of authenticity and relationships. We just want to invite every person into an honest, biblical, ongoing conversation about what it means to be a godly person and a committed follower of Jesus Christ.    

We are not a big church with a fabulous facility and awesome programs. If you're looking for a church that offers a smorgasbord of programs that cater to the religious consumer, you will be frustrated at Imagining Church. We are smaller, focused, and effective at reaching our goal of helping people believe and helping believers grow. 

We do a few things really well. We worship God with authenticity. We love each other with sincerity. We teach the Bible as it is for people as they are. We believe people grow spiritually in small groups. We specialize in ministry to children and their families. I think you're getting the right picture of Imagining Church. 

If you have questions about how to know God, we welcome you. If you want to understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ, we welcome you. If you would like to be part of a Christ-dependent community, equipping people to impact our world, we welcome you.

We hope you will visit us, worship with us, stay with us. Be part of a community that loves and lives the gospel of Jesus Christ. Take a look through our website, or even better, sit down with someone from Imagining Church and ask them about our church and the journey we are on together. 


Dreaming together

NEWS UPDATE:  Pastor Colin Resigns August 2017 

We appreciate the gifted leadership, deep faith, wise teaching, endless energy, shepherding care, and the thousands of hours of hard work invested by our Founding Pastor, Colin Green, who announced his resignation on Aug 20, 2017.

Pastor Colin and his family will be missed by all of us as we move forward, building on the solid foundation that he established, into what God has next for Imagining Church.