Growing up at Imagining

We consider it a privilege & an honour to walk with you and your family as they grow up in a knowledge of Christ. From birth to graduation, we are dedicated to helping your child believe, and once they believe, to helping them grow.

Imagining Kids (or iKids!) is more than just a fun, safe space for your children. Our leaders are committed to loving your kids, praying for them, preparing for their lessons, and presenting Jesus in a way that makes Him both real and accessible! 


iKids Ministry Leader is Crystal Parrell.  You can contact Crystal at ikids@imaginingchurch.com. 


Look for the orange shirts!

iKids workers all wear orange. You'll always know who is safe for your children and who can answer your questions!

Our grade 5 and grade 6 kids make up Club56 and enjoy a separate teaching time from the younger kids in iKids! 




Our youth group is taking a break for the summer to allow our team of leaders to enjoy some time off. We'll have information on resuming in the fall soon!